Thursday, March 6, 2014

Is Chivalry Dead?

Overheard Ryan Seacrest on the radio the other day asking if chivalry was dead.  So many listeners called in to give their two cents and it was almost unanimous that most people believe chivalry is dead.  Is it really?  Is it fair to say that in today's world we can expect men to continue opening the doors, shower women with flowers and pick up the tab on dates?  If men started questioning if traditional women were dead that topic would most likely cause an uproar.  Why is it women can expect men to still open their doors for them, pick up the tab and treat them like the princesses they want to be treated but men can no longer expect women to stay at home, raise their kids and take care of the household?  And if we did we are sexist chauvinist pigs.

The irony of it all is rather comical and at times frustrating for men.  For the record chivalry is very much alive and well.  Just spend 5 minutes on YouTube and you can easily come up with a long list of pretty awesome videos of men proposing and committing to someone for the rest of their lives.  Chivalry is not dead ladies.  Love yourself enough to wait for that right guy.  In return, cut them some slack and show them some love at home.  After all the way to a man's heart is through is stomach!

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