Thursday, June 6, 2013

Wedding Planning 101: Tasks for HIM

Wedding season is in full swing and very often grooms find themselves wondering what they need to tackle as they watch their brides stress over the final countdown.  Here are five tips that every groom can reference when planning their wedding:

1.  Plan the honeymoon!  Most guys find this very exciting – a lot more exciting than deciding what type of flowers belong to the centerpiece.  If you are not planning to go on a honeymoon, the wedding night can be spent in a romantic hotel room or a short weekend getaway.  Tips for getting the wedding night hotel room ready, have a trusted friend or family member check in the hotel for you and prep the room with some flower petals, chilled champagne (don’t forget the champagne flutes!), chocolate covered strawberries or a box of fine chocolates and if the room has a iPod dock station available, load up your iPod with a compilation of all your songs – be sure to add your first dance song in there as well!  If you are traveling someplace for a honeymoon, make it your responsibility to make sure that you plan the honeymoon from start to finish and include a checklist of items that are required for your trip, including checking passport expiration dates, if applicable, and of course ensuring the passports are on the list of things to pack.  If you book a cruise, check to make sure if passports are required for your destination ports and be sure that the passport expiration dates are within the valid requirements.

2.  Pick your own wedding ring.  Many brides find it endearing when their grooms take interest in selecting their wedding ring.  It shows the enthusiasm grooms have about the wedding which is typically the number one complaint by brides, that their fiancé do not appear very excited about their wedding.  When selecting your wedding ring, first consider the general style, color and band width.  Research the variety of metals that are available for men’s wedding band, including platinum, titanium, tungsten carbide or gold, just to name a few.  Many websites have information readily available on the different types of metals used to make wedding bands.  Be sure not to save this until the very last minute, having your ring ready to go no later than 4-6 weeks before your wedding date is a good timeline to abide by.  In the wedding ring industry most rings need to be ordered directly from the manufacturer which can take up to 8 weeks to be delivered.  So start shopping for your ring 6 months out to get some ideas, if you already know what ring you want then just be sure to order your ring about 2 months before the wedding.

3.  Take care of the boys, your groomsmen boys that is.  Be sure to thank your buddies and show them your appreciation for agreeing to be in your wedding.  While it is an honor to be asked to be a part of your special occasion, it is also a great responsibility, task and expense to be in the bridal party.  In addition to how extravagant your bachelor party can get being a groomsmen can cost on average of anywhere between $500-$1,000 or more!  When selecting a groomsmen gift think class and usefulness.  Sure the PIMP goblet may be funny and remind him of that one crazy night at your bachelor party but is it something where 10 years later will still be useful?  Don’t answer that.  J  If you want to purchase a gag gift, include it along with something useful.  Some grooms purchase the accessories to be worn the day of the wedding, whether its cufflinks, ties or tie clips, these mementos can hold a great deal of meaning and more importantly, be used often post-nuptial.

4.  Book a date night.  What does this have to do with the wedding plans you ask?  Absolutely nothing.  But in the hustle and bustle of wedding planning it would be nice to venture out to a nice romantic meal with your fiancée and reconnect.  Perhaps agreeing to spend the evening wedding-talk free would also be a nice way to clear your minds and regroup.  Wedding planning can be very stressful with so many decisions to make in addition to your daily lives.  Having a romantic date night can help ease the nerves of your fiancé and reduce the anxiety associated with wedding planning.  Wedding planning can be stressful that it brings out to "bridezilla" in some brides.   

5.  Support.  Asking your bride a simple basic question such as – “is there anything I can do?” is a tremendous help for many brides.  To show your bride that you care and want to partake in some of the decisions and stress she is under is the most basic need that your future spouse will need.  This piece of advice carries on far after your “I dos”.

 At the end of the day, wedding planning may be one of the most exhilarating and stressful event in a woman’s life.  As the other half, it may be overwhelming between the vast varieties of floral arrangements and the 100+ shades of “white” but just being there for your bride in the most simple and basic ways can help alleviate some of that stress.  After all, rule #1 of all marriage is to be supportive of one another, planning a wedding is the ultimate test of that rule!