Sunday, March 24, 2013

Biker Stud, Biker Chick - Biker Chic

There’s something intriguing about a man on a bike.  Is it the power of the bike or him controlling that big badass machine?  With that said, there is something even more intriguing about a woman on a bike.  Hot, cool and super badass are a few adjectives that come to mind.

In recent years there has been a rise in woman riders and Harley Davidson has been catering to that demographic through their Harley Davidson gear, Women Riders Month every May and the Annual International Female Ride Day since 2006.  Millions of women have already grabbed life by the handlebars and they are doing it in style!

With the latest release of the new 2013’s Softail motorcycle, the Breakout, continues Harley-Davidson’s advocacy of women riders.  A different version of the Breakout was originally released in August 2012, known as the CVO Breakout.  Originally released only in its Custom Vehicle Operations which is known to include some of the most expensive Harley’s, the Breakout production version is being produced with similar traits, such as a long and low stance, but with less chrome.  The bike has a low seat height, making it popular amongst women riders.  The Breakout is currently available at Harley dealerships.

Between a variety of Harley-Davidson riding boots like the Kat or the Alexa, Harley-Davidson continues to design apparel geared specifically toward women, ensuring comfort and style before, during and after the ride.  The Harley-Davidson Women’s Rider Comfort System is a three-part system that is designed to put the female rider in total control of their climate and comfort, from head (helmet) to toe (boots) and everything in between (eyewear, gloves, jackets, pants and more).  Though most gear does not deviate far from the signature orange and black theme, Harley-Davidson has also introduced their Pink Label in which a portion of all proceeds is donated to Breast Cancer Advocacy and Support Organizations.

To finish the look while riding chic, add key signature pieces such as a statement bracelet or necklace.  Most men riders like jewelry and accessories that mimic their bikes, big, bulky pieces with a classy flair.  Classic pieces such as the Triton Black Stainless Steel Celtic Cross Bracelet are a popular selection amongst Harley riders.  Dog tags and chain necklaces are other staples.  Women riders tend to avoid earrings, unless they are just simple studs, since the helmet can be a cause for discomfort with large hoops or dangly ones.  Harley-Davidson does have a stylish selection of earrings which are often worn when not riding, ranging from tassels to hoops.  Instead, bracelets, necklaces and rings are what most women riders turn to, such as the Harley-Davidson Silver Large Eagle Ring and the Women’s Ride Bead Bracelet.  Being comfortable can also mean looking good with the right accessories.

So if you are an avid rider, male or female, while looking intriguing to all those you pass on the road you can now look good while doing it!