Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Valentine's Day Jewelry Gift Guide For Him

It’s that time of the year again.  Most of us are still recovering from the Holidays and whether we like it or not, there is only a little over three weeks left to plan, decide and figure out what we are going to present to our Valentine this year.

Although men may object, women are easy to shop for with last minute flowers, restaurant reservations, box of chocolates or a little pink bag from Victoria’s Secret, although the latter may be more of a gift for him.  What about shopping for him?  What do you buy a guy for Valentine’s Day, a holiday that seems to be predominantly geared towards women?  One often overlooked gift is jewelry for men.  Jewelry is often noted as a gift for women but here’s some insight on what jewelry gift-giving can be for men.

For the man who wears a watch:  If your man wears a watch then he’s used to wearing something around his wrist and a bracelet could be a perfect option as a gift.  Tungsten Carbide is an alternative metal in the jewelry industry that is scratch resistant which consistently looks new and polished throughout time.  Many men prefer tungsten carbide wedding bands for its masculine traits.  A popular tungsten carbide bracelet for him incorporates carbon fiber, often used in motorsports and car racing circles.  Another popular bracelet style is the chain bracelet, which is easily paired with casual or formal attire.  An up and coming style in bracelet jewelry for men is the cable bracelet.  Masculine, stylish and available in a variety of cable thickness, this bracelet is bound to make its presence in the years to come.

For the man who is a baller:  The money clip.  What better way to display his wad of $100s than in a money clip as he pulls it out to pay the bartender?  First patented in 1901, money clips have come a long way in functionality, design and style.  Men who find keeping a wallet in their pockets uncomfortable prefer a money clip to hold just the basic necessities of a few bills and ID.

For the man that is a class act:  Cufflinks go a long way in giving a dress shirt that polished finish.  It can be dressed down and kept casual with jeans or dressed up for a formal event with a full suit and dress shoes.  Cufflinks are versatile, classic and timeless – a gift that will last a lifetime and gives off an air of nostalgia every time they are worn.

For the professional:  If he is required to wear a tie every day, adding a little spiff to the attire can be accomplished with the use of a tie clip, aka tie bar.  If you’re the type of lady to pick out your man’s tie every morning, adding a tie clip to his ensemble creates a refined look, keeping in motto with dress for success!

For the man who can appreciate accessories:  A basic chain necklace has proved timeless over the years.  Chain necklaces can be worn short and close to the neck or hang longer as it is typically available in a variety of lengths depending on his personal preference.  A necklace can be worn discreetly or openly which makes it a perfect gift even for the guy who doesn’t wear jewelry. 

 For the man you want to drop the ring hint to: Why not buy the ring for him first?!  Far-fetched but a comical way if anything to drop some hints to your man that it’s time for a ring.  Rings can get as testosterone filled as this flame inspired knot patterned piece by Benivie.  Wide in bandwidth for that masculine feel and composed of black and gray titanium which makes more of a statement piece than a wedding band.  When purchasing a ring keep in mind that wider bands may require a different size than your typical standard ring size.  Here’s a great guide on how to measure your ring size. 

Whatever the gift allow yourself plenty of time to browse, shop and buy.  When purchasing online, take the ship time into consideration as well.  Last minute gifts can be sensed from a mile away.  Gifts that exude thought and time are the most meaningful gifts of all!  Happy Valentine’s day lovers!


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