Thursday, December 27, 2012

Why is Titanium So Cheap?

Why is Titanium So Cheap?
For the past decade alternative metal wedding bands have been on a steady rise in popularity.  One of the most popular alternative metals is Titanium.  A ring style can be made in gold, white gold, platinum, titanium or other alternative metal.  Depending on the type of metal used prices can range from $100 for an alternative metal version or $2,000 and up for the fancy platinum version.  So when shopping for wedding bands, the first question most people ask is why is Titanium so much cheaper?
The lower cost does not reflect a lower level of quality.  The explanation is just a simple and basic means of supply and demand.  Titanium is vastly available therefore it is not priced as high as metals such as gold or platinum, which is more rare in comparison. 
There are two main concerns when purchasing Titanium made bands.  One common misconception is that the metal cannot be cut in the event of an emergency.  On the contrary, emergency response units and facilities are adequately equipped to cut through metal if necessary, which include titanium rings.  Some commission-driven jewelry salesperson may want to push a more expensive ring and have been known to use that as a scare tactic on their customers.  Do your own research thoroughly before making an informed decision on which metal to purchase.
With that said, rings are often cut because they are bent out of their round state, causing painful pressure on the finger.  Rings constructed of Titanium are less likely to get crushed or bent out of its round shape due to its strength and durability versus soft metals such as platinum or gold.  As a matter of fact, it may be safer to be wearing a titanium ring rather than a gold or platinum ring if a car door were to get shut on your hand or if a heavy object fell on it. 
The second concern with purchasing Titanium is the inability to have it resized.  It is true that Titanium is so strong it cannot be heated and resized as traditional gold or silver would.  This is why most reputable brands, such as Edward Mirell or Triton offer a Lifetime Ring Sizing service.  The Lifetime Ring Sizing service enables you to have your Titanium or other alternative metal (such as Tungsten Carbide or Cobalt Chrome) ring to be sized.  Your ring that no longer fits gets sent back to the Manufacturer and they exchange it to the correct size for you.  There is a nominal fee associated with this service that can average about $50.  Considering you would need to pay to have a gold or platinum ring resized, this fee is fair in that you would be receiving a brand new ring in your corrected size.  So whether you lose a lot of weight or gain some “happy marriage” pounds, you can rest assured that your ring can be sized, just not through the conventional method of taking it to a jeweler to get it altered. 
When finalizing your choice on which Titanium band to go with you will also notice that there is a wide range of titanium rings that can start at $20 to more extravagant styles at $1,000.  Consider these three factors before making your choice:
  1. A Reputable Brand.  Brands such as Tiffany & Co, ArtCarved, Edward Mirell, Triton or Benchmark stand behind their products and offer warranty coverage in the event that something should happen to your ring.
  2. Lifetime Ring Sizing Service.  In the event that your ring no longer fits for whatever reason, you can rest assured knowing your ring will be replaced with your current size
  3. Quality & Style.  Titanium bands offer a wide selection of style from a simple band to extravagant versions with very intricate details.  The quality of the ring should be a deciding factor because at the end of the day, the saying you get what you pay for holds true!
With alternative metal jewelry being on the rise, Titanium has become a forerunner in options when purchasing a ring for its strength, durability and style.  Favored by military personnel, officers and firefighters for its resilience and lightweight quality, Titanium can also be engraved with the proper tools by any reputable jeweler.  When you choose Titanium over its gold or platinum counterparts, you are investing in a ring that will not tarnish over time, that will not dent or lose its shape, preferred by those with skin sensitivity and will not deteriorate over time.  Lasting for a lifetime, as a ring often symbolizes, it is no wonder Titanium made rings and wedding bands have been increasingly on the rise in popularity.