Sunday, May 1, 2011

Rings That Can Last Through Thick or Thin

Is it true that when a man is happily married they have a tendency to stack on the pounds?  Chubbiness equates to happiness?  After all, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.  With summer creeping upon us there are more people than ever at the gym shedding these happy pounds.

With all this discussion and focus on getting fit for summer consider the perks of slimming down.  Of course a healthier lifestyle means reduced risks of overall general health issues.  But for many, asking for assistance in the dressing room to fetch a smaller size is triumphant on so many levels.  But having to replace an expensive wedding band?  Not as triumphant when it gets too costly!

So what is one to do when your husband’s wedding band no longer fits?  Nice try mister!  There is a solution for those considering alternative metals of today’s style such as tungsten rings, titanium bands or cobalt wedding bands.  Although they cannot be resized the way a gold, silver or platinum ring can, there are labels available that offer lifetime ring sizing

Whether you need to go up in size for the Holidays or down a size for the summer, Lifetime Ring Sizing programs can help prolong that triumphant feeling without putting a hole in your wallet.  Most programs simply let you return the ring that no longer fits and the manufacturer replaces the ring with your current size.

Many brands such as Artcarved, Triton, Benchmark or Edward Mirell offer Lifetime Ring Sizing programs.  Just be sure that your ring is purchased from an authorized retailer in order to qualify for such programs.