Monday, June 20, 2011

Non Conventional Men's Wedding Bands

All too often grooms ask do you think my fiance would approve?  There are several non-conventional options for men these days when selecting a wedding band.  Is there a ring out that is the "proper" wedding band?  The answer is not ... really. 

Rings have been exchanged for centuries as a symbol of the bond of marriage.  The symbolic piece on one's ring finger represents undying love and the continually renewed vows of a married couple.  Rings have been long used to represent and symbolize timelessness.  With that in mind there is not a definitive of what a man's wedding band ought to mimic. 

The latest spike in the interest for carbon fiber designed rings and tungsten carbide rings have couples debating on what is considered wedding band appropriate.  Carbon fiber and tungsten carbide rings may not seem like a "traditional" wedding band material and more fashion forward but if it is worn on the ring finger and you two feel that that is the band then it is your wedding band.  An even more avant-garde style are the new tension set rings that couples are using as wedding bands. 

If a woman is able to have a say in her engagement ring why can't a guy have a say in the choice of his wedding band style? Triton, one of the leading brands in wedding bands, jewelry and accessories for men, states it best:  Your Man, His Ring.  In an age where we even tattoos are seen blazen around a ring finger anything is possible given that the love and commitment is present!

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