Wednesday, April 13, 2011


As society evolves we see an increasing number of women in the workforce.  The average age for women to get married has increased as well, as women focus on establishing their careers before settling down.  Subsequently there seems to be a rise in women proposing to men.  Emasculating … or a complete relief?! 

Taking out all the stress and pressure of planning that perfect proposal seems rather appealing.  It has always been baffling how couples could go shopping together for an engagement ring and yet still expect the complete theatrical act of a proposal.  By that point isn’t it just a formality?  These days there doesn’t seem to be a definition as to what is the “norm”.  I would imagine if a woman proposed a man ought to feel honored and relieved that all the guesswork has been removed from the equation. 

Unfortunately, the last I checked at the jewelry store men engagement rings weren’t readily available.  However, I would assume it isn’t about the “rock” but the band that symbolizes the never ending circle of love and commitment to each other.  So essentially any band could represent eternity and for those who are economically inclined to it could double as the wedding band too!

Perhaps only men who are truly comfortable with themselves would welcome this new role women take on.  This is an opportunity that should be welcomed with open arms.  So long as roles aren’t reversed when it comes to bearing children, jewelry stores need to consider stocking up on bands for women to use when proposing to men!

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